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Why are we here?

Isn’t that one of the Primary Questions of Life? (Along with Where did we come from, Where are we going? You know the schpiel). Well, that’s the question every business should ask itself, because...

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Extend the invitation

Blog Tip #42: Invite and encourage your readers to interact, follow, and share! Many people out there have the attitude “My stuff is so great. And if it’s really great, people will automatically share...

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Blog series

Blog Tip #40: Write a series of articles, top 10 lists, how-to’s, etc. Writing a blog series means spreading out one topic or related topics into a series of articles. The benefits? Makes it...

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Collaborate with someone

Blog Tip #39: Get a co-blogger. Collaborations can be very beneficial. Not only do you get a fresh point of view, but you can take some of the pressure off yourself. Blogging on a...

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Give your readers a step up!

Blog Tip #38: Give your readers something valuable. Give them a step up! This tip is mostly for business owners who provide goods and services. Most entrepreneurs are afraid to give out their “trade...

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Stand out

Blog Tip #36: Evaluate your niche. Get specific. Target your market with laser focus Wanna get more traffic? Stand out! Most any web site, web page, video or graphic out there is popular because...